Veka AG

Veka AG is currently the world leader in the PVC profile industry for the production of heat-insulating windows and doors, and operates globally as a group of companies. It has an active presence in more than 50 national markets, with 26 branches around the world and more than 3500 employees.

With a worldwide network of production units, logistics centres and sales systems, Veka cooperates with more than 3000 partners around the world, providing diversity and confidence and constantly improving both the range of technical solutions and the value-added services made available to partners.

In more than 40 years of activity, Veka AG has developed an impressive portfolio of products and services that can meet the most demanding requests and needs of developers, engineers, civil engineers, architects and end-users.

Over time, Veka AG came to the fore through the exceptional quality of its portfolio of products and a set of well-established values around the concepts of sustainable partnership and responsibility, which maintains the company’s position in the world’s leading PVC profile industries.

Veka Romania SRL was established in 2000 following the expansion of the German company into Eastern Europe, and in 2005 the logistics centre in Ciorogârla near Bucharest was inaugurated, which covers an area of over 14,000 square metres.

Cooperation between Veka AG and QFORT was launched in 2007 amid the need to identify a partner who could complement our portfolio of products built to last in terms of quality, commitment and confidence.

Thus, for over 10 years Veka has provided us with the best PVC profiles for our windows and doors, the partnership between the company and QFORT being a sustainable one based on trust and mutual benefit.