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QFORT View – up to 29% more natural light

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In addition to the excellent design, durability and quality, as proven by our entire product portfolio, the QFORT View concept, a QFORT-exclusive product, is specifically designed to allow natural light to enter the room and provide a much better connection with the outside, while preserving the privacy of personal space.

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The abundance of natural light in a room, in addition to providing a feeling of a wide and well-ventilated space, is also a great advantage in terms of energy saving, there being no need to supplement light by artificial means.

Another great advantage of natural light is derived from the beneficial effects it has on the human body, influencing in a visually and psychologically positive way the overall comfort standard, and amplifying the good mood and level of productivity and efficiency of the business carried out.

QFORT View – the best option for small-sized windows

From the technical point of view, the QFORT View window, a QFORT-exclusive product, has the thinnest profile for a 70 mm mount depth system of PVC profiles and the smallest frame repair sheath assembly.

More specifically, the glazed-window area (glazing) is now 29% bigger than for regular windows.

A larger glazed area is a considerable advantage, especially when the house architecture does not allow large windows to fit, and QFORT View is ideal for small-sized windows.

Heat insulation of PVC windows 7stars

QFORT View 7Stars

The 7Stars QFORT View windows feature the smallest reduced node in the range and the smallest 95 mm window frame assembly, providing up to 29%* more natural light than other similar profiles on the market.

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Heat insulation of PVC windows 6stars

QFORT View 6Stars

Featuring the smallest node in its class (120 mm), 6Stars QFORT View offers you the surplus of light you need in the morning to start your day.

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Heat insulation of PVC windows 5stars

QFORT View 5Stars

The 5Stars QFORT View window offers you a wider perspective at any time and an exquisite appearance, thanks to the first reduced node (132 mm).

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Heat insulation of PVC windows 4stars

QFORT View 4Stars

The 4Stars QFORT View window provides up to 29% more natural light for your comfort, thanks to the smallest reduced node (108 mm) and frame repair sheath assembly (90 mm).

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