Pleated Insect Screens

No Buzz pleated insect screens

The pleated insect screens come are characterized by their stylish and modern design, being suitable for residential buildings, as well as for offices and the hospitality industry.

NoBuzz by QFORT pleated screens are available in many constructive options and are suitable for windows, balcony doors and sliding doors.

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Excellent wind and weather resistance and excellent durability

Our pleated insect screens are very easy to handle and are equipped with mechanisms that allow the mesh to be pleated in a broken line (in zigzag).

Pleated screens are designed to fit in any space and can be assembled for both windows and doors, including those with very large openings.

Thanks to the special protection they provide, but also to the modern and stylish design, pleated insect screens are the ideal choice for customer areas, especially in the hospitality industry, such as restaurants, food preparation establishments and hotels.

Vertical Pleated Insect Screens

Vertical Pleated Insect Screens

Recommended for: Windows

Single-Sided Roller Insect Screens

Single-Sided Pleated Insect Screens

Recommended for: Windows and Single-Wing Balcony Doors

Double-Sided Roller Insect Screens

Double-Sided Pleated Insect Screens

Recommended for: Balcony Doors and Double-Wing Sliding Doors

Double-Sided Roller Insect Screens

Bilateral Pleated Insect Screens

Recommended for: Windows

Benefits of NoBuzz by QFORT Pleated Insect Screens

  • NoBuzz by QFORT pleated insect screens are characterised by excellent durability, being made of top-quality materials that, properly maintained, are designed to resist for a long period of time with no risk of breakage or malfunction.
  • The IdroScreen mesh, which are fitted, as standard, for the NoBuzz by QFORT pleated insect screens, is rainwater repellent, avoiding the risk of breaking or damage and increasing resistance over time. In addition, this type of screen does not affect visibility to the outside and filters the air of impurities.
  • Due to the component elements, pleated insect screens can be exposed for a long time to sunlight, wind or rain without risk of damage.
  • Pleated insect screens are easy to install on any type of carpentry, be it PVC, aluminium or wood, and do not need to be disassembled during winter.
  • Handling pleated insect screens is very easy, with little or no effort or time required.
  • With a stylish and minimalist design, NoBuzz by QFORT pleated insect screens bring a touch of style to any space.
  • Available in large sizes for both windows and doors.
Pleated Insect Screens

Pleated Insect Screens Components

NoBuzz by QFORT pleated insect screens have an aluminium profile, are time-proof, and are available in many colours, depending on your preferences.

The mesh is IdroScreen, made of polyester, hard, weather-resistant, shock-resistant and wear-resistant, effective rainwater repellent, extremely sun-, wind- and weather-proof in case of long exposure.

Pleated insect screns components
Maintenance of roller insect screens

Maintenance of Pleated Insect Screens

In addition to the stylish and modern design of pleated insect screens, they are also very easy to maintain, with little or no effort or time required for their cleaning.

QFORT recommends that you regularly wash and clean pleated insect screens every three months. This will not affect their quality and durability, and will allow proper removal of dust and dirt, thus ensuring longer service life.

The mesh of pleated insect screens can be washed with hot water using a sponge and, if it is very dirty, you can use a small amount of liquid detergent or dishwashing detergent. After washing, you can easily wipe the mesh with a dry cloth.

During the process of cleaning the pleated insect screens, make sure they are fully extended and avoid using rough brushes and cleaning accessories, or a vacuum cleaner.

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    *The warranty period may vary depending on the components and specifications of the product. Please refer to the warranty certificate for more details.