Winkhaus was established in 1854 as a family business and developed over 160 years into the world leader in the production and supply of high-quality technologies, hardware and accessories for windows and doors, mainly due to the very well developed innovative spirit.

The company provides intelligent window and door solutions for customers around the world, such as efficient access systems, with highly developed technologies, more than 2000 employees in the five locations in Germany, as well as international subsidiaries in eight states.

Winkhaus products are the first option when demanding requirements of window manufacturers, architects, construction engineers or beneficiaries have to be met. But Winkhaus goes even further and provides, besides a diversified assortment of products, extensive system solutions and useful services.

Winkhaus’s range of products includes innovative technology for high-quality windows and doors, closing systems designed for residential and office, commercial or public buildings, intelligent access control systems for increased security and flexibility, and safety locking systems according to the highest standards in the field.

Winkhaus technologies outline the way forward for contemporary architectural design. They tackle demanding tasks and combine cost-effectiveness with environmental awareness.

Regarding the economic functioning of buildings, electronic access management systems are a very important service. They increase comfort, support energy-efficient operation and streamline management efforts, also combining intelligent functionality with exquisite aesthetics.

The partnership between QFORT and Winkhaus AG was launched in 2014. Since then, Winkhaus has been providing top-quality hardware and comprehensive access and security solutions for our PVC windows and doors with insulating glass.