The Hoppe Company was established in 1952 by Friedrich Hoppe in Heiligenhaus near Düsseldorf, which by that time had become a German centre for the manufacturing of door ironware and hardware.

Over the years, the family business evolved into the Hoppe Group, an active and internationally recognised enterprise for the outstanding quality of the hardware manufactured and distributed, which is now based in Switzerland. Hoppe currently employs more than 2500 employees in eight factories in Europe and the US and has dozens of international showrooms, being the market leader at European level in the field of development, production and marketing of door and window hardware systems, particularly handles.

All Hoppe production points located in Germany, Italy and the Czech Republic are certified according to DIN ENISO 9001:2008, and the desire to improve the quality of the products and systems provided is an ongoing process.

The rational implementation of quality requirements, compliance with applicable provisions and proximity to customers are among the most important criteria underlying the company’s philosophy.

Hoppe products are distinguished from those of its competitors by top quality, affordability and flexibility according to consumer needs and demanding market requirements in full development.

QFORT is working with the Hoppe Group to provide high-quality handles for PVC doors and windows with insulating glass, thus completing the superior security features of the product range, as well as improving the end consumers’ living quality by securing the resilience and safety of the residence for longer.