Overlapped Roller Shutters

The Overlapped exterior Roller shutters are those that are mounted with the PVC joinery, and are recommended if you have not yet mounted the PVC joinery within the construction, or if you want to change the joinery during the renovation process.

As they are made of high-quality materials, the built-in Roller shutters provide superior heat and noise insulation and optimal protection against bad weather.

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Features of Overlapped Roller Shutters

  • The box of the Discreet by QFORT built-in Roller shutters is made of PVC, a material with good resistance to thermal shock and humidity.This box can be mounted both outside and inside the residence, allowing to conceal the operating mechanism.
  • The construction elements give a superior heat-insulation property to the built-in Roller shutters, allowing a consistent reduction in the costs for heating during the cold season and for air conditioning during the warm season.
  • The slats of the built-in Roller shutters are made from high-quality aluminium and are filled with polyurethane foam, protecting the window from bad weather and providing the entire building with excellent heat and noise insulation.
  • The Discreet by QFORT built-in Roller shutters have a 170 mm, 210 mm or 240 mm PVC box, representing a modern solution to improve the comfort and privacy of any home.
  • For enhanced comfort and increased privacy, the built-in Roller shutters can be equipped with insect screens without affecting the ventilation.
  • The insect screen included in the built-in Roller shutters is mounted on the inside and is protected by the aluminium slat mat, which is mounted on the outside to keep the screen protected from possible bad weather.
  • They provide good dimensional stability, due to their constituent materials, and are the optimal solution  for easy maintenance and operation.
  • The built-in Roller shutter box is mounted on the inside of the house above the frame, allowing easy operation of the rolling system.
Built-in Roller Shutters

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