Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds Discret by Qfort

The Venetian blinds are mounted between the window insulating glass panes, which is the modern house shading solution most often recommended by engineers, designers and architects.

They excel in quality and durability, as well as generating high overall comfort. No maintenance is necessary, as they are built-in in the insulating glass.

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Advantages of Discreet by QFORT Venetian Blinds

  • Allow optimal light and heat management.
  • Provide solar protection comparable to an outdoor shading system.
  • Do not need maintenance.
  • No wind noise, unlike conventional shading systems.

Venetian Blinds with electric control

ScreenLine® SL20-22W

Perfect for any type of environment, whether dwellings, offices or public places.

Venetian Blinds SL-27MB

ScreenLine® SL20-22MB

Ideal for prestige projects, due to the pleasant aesthetic appearance and the high technical performance.

ScreenLine® SL 27W Black-Out Plise

Suitable for all types of windows.

Venetian Blinds SL-27MB

ScreenLine® SL 27MB Black-Out Plise

Ideal if you are looking for an effective shading system for your bedroom.

Venetian Blinds with manual control

Venetian Blinds SL20-22C

ScreenLine® SL20-22C

They are well protected against dirt, so no maintenance is required.

Venetian Blinds SL20-22P

ScreenLine® SL20-22P

An excellent choice for public places with high traffic.

Venetian Blinds SL-27C

ScreenLine® SL 27C Black-Out Plise

The perfect choice for rooms requiring high or complete obscurity.

ScreenLine Venetian Blinds System: excellent durability and zero maintenance

In the ScreenLine system, the blinds are mounted between two glass panes in an insulating glass package. The operation of the blinds, whether manual or electric, does not influence the insulating properties of the glass package, which is mounted in a completely isolated environment.

As they are built-in between the window glass panes, the Venetian blinds benefit from absolute protection against dirt, dust and other atmospheric agents, so they require absolutely no maintenance.

The durability of the magnetic components is proven, with demagnetisation being approximately 2% in 100 years, and the variety of models and their versatility offer tailored solutions for any type of window.

Venetian blinds between two glass panes

Colours available for Venetian Blinds’ slats

Paleta culori rulouri - alb

White (S102)

Paleta culori rulouri - gri

Grey (S157)

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