Social responsability QFORT

Social Responsibility

Through our specifics and expertise, we are actively involved in the community in which we operate, in order to sustain a sustainable environment for the products and partnerships we are developing.

We encourage progress and performance in education, sport and support projects in medicine, animal protection and environment. Through this engagement, we want to help make population aware of the issues that exist in these areas.

Social responsability - education


In our belief, when investing in education, we invest in the future. This is why we are committed to supporting outstanding students on the road to performance, by awarding hundreds of scholarships.

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Social responsability - health


Because we love performance, we encourage it in all areas. We support progress in medicine, informing and social responsibility.

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Social responsability - sport


Sport is about discipline and evolution and Casa Noastra encourages individual performances by recognizing the outstanding results achieved by our athletes.

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Social responsability - ONG

Non-governmental organizations

We encourage progress through informing and awareness and we respect all forms of life, which is why we are involved in supporting non-governmental organizations in Romania.

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