BiFold aluminium folding system

For the delimitation of large spaces while optimizing the occupied space, we recommend choosing the BiFold aluminum folding system.

It is characterized by folding glass units with side opening, which make possible the interconnection of the interior and exterior spaces, where space flexibility is needed.

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The benefits of the BiFold aluminium folding system

  • It is the innovative solution that you can integrate into your project (closing terraces, residential balconies, delineating recreational areas, etc.);
  • It is an ideal way to connect indoor and outdoor spaces where space flexibility is needed;
  • It stands big constructions up to 6200x3000 mm;
  • It has a diverse variety of compositions of up to 5 folding glazing units with inward or outward opening, allowing a smooth running and occupying a minimum of space;
  • It offers extra-comfort to your home through thermal and sound insulation of the space towards outside;
  • It provides a silent movement through the rail and through the maintenance-free carrier;
  • The concealed guiding rolls to the closed position, provide a modern design;
  • It doesn't require seasonal regulation;
  • It can be provided with special ramps for the disabled people.

Technical details of Paysage by QFORT BiFold aluminium folding system

Features of Paysage by QFORT BiFold aluminium folding system

Paysage by QFORT BiFold aluminium folding system have the following features:

    • Coefficient of thermal insulation  1,29 W/m²K*;

*Uw = 1,29 W/m²K value was obtained for a construction with L – 5700mm, H – 2415mm, five sashes and glazing with Ug = 0,6 W/m²K

  • Glazing thickness: 26mm, 28mm, 32,mm, 40mm, 42mm;
  • Assembly depth – 73mm;
  • Profiles exterior wall thickness -1,8mm;
  • Maximum sash weight – 120kg;

The folding system is indicated for sashes with a maximum width of 1.200mm and maximum height of 2.920mm.

Types of opening of Paysage by QFORT BiFold aluminium folding system


2 wings

3 wings

3 wings

4 wings

4 wings

4 wings

5 wings

5 wings

5 wings

BiFold aluminium folding system can also have INTERIOR OPENING

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    *The warranty period may vary depending on the components and specifications of the product. Please refer to the warranty certificate for more details.