Modern Range PVC Entrance Doors

Modern Range doors

The Modern range doors stand out with their outstanding design and better heat- and noise-insulation properties, as well as a high degree of security.

Furthermore, the diversity of models and the construction options available make it possible to fit them into any architectural structure, regardless of the profile and intended use of the buildings.

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Advantages of Modern Range Entrance Doors

Benefits - protection


Decorative panels contain ABS boards. ABS is a material with increased resistance to high temperatures, humidity and abrasion.

Noise insulation

Noise insulation

Thanks to the construction elements used in the design of the Modern range entrance doors, they have better noise-insulation properties.

Benefits - Heat insulation

Heat insulation

Both types of panels have extruded polystyrene foam inside, which gives them better heat insulation.

Benefits - Security


Décor panels are reinforced with a PVC board 3 mm and 5 mm thick, which provides them with increased resistance to impact and deformation.

Benefits- Increased comfort

Increased comfort

Our Modern range entrance doors are equipped with ornamental or special glass, which not only provides a decorative role but also increases privacy and comfort levels.

Benefits- High value

High value

The design is modern and stylish, with multiple models, construction options and colours available, fitting perfectly into any environment.

Models of Modern Range Entrance Doors

Models of Modern Range Entrance Doors ALEGRA
Models of Modern Range Entrance Doors EVONNA
Usi din pvc panel modern EVVA
Models of Modern Range Entrance Doors INNA
Models of Modern Range Entrance Doors LEONA
Models of Modern Range Entrance Doors SELENA
Usi din pvc panel modern VIVIEN
Usi din pvc panel modern ZAIRA

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