Roll-Out Insect Screens

No Buzz roll-out insect screens

Roll-out insect screens are an alternative to the roller version, the only difference being the greater flexibility in terms of sizes available for construction.

Thus, unlike the roller insect screens, the roll-out screens can be offered in very large sizes and are mainly recommended for balcony doors and sliding doors.

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Excellent protection, modern design and time-proof

The roll-out insect screens maintain their excellent protection against mosquitoes and other insect pests, also enjoying a modern, stylish design and exceptional time-proof ability, as allowed by the top-quality components used.

These screens are designed for very large doors and are very easy to handle, both in the single-sided and double-sided versions.

Roll-Out Insect Screens

Single-Sided Roll-Out Insect Screens

Recommended for: Balcony Doors and Double-Wing Sliding Doors

Roll-Out Insect Screens

Double-Sided Roll-Out Insect Screens

Recommended for: Balcony Doors and Double-Wing Sliding Doors

Benefits of NoBuzz by QFORT Roll-Out Insect Screens

  • Roll-out insect screens are characterised by outstanding durability, being designed to resist for a long period of time, regardless of seasonal variations in climate.
  • The handling of roll-out insect screens is very easy, as they are equipped with effortless closing and opening systems so that the convenience of use is complete.
  • Roll-out screens offer the advantage of an extremely easy maintenance process that takes very little time and effort.
  • Due to the component parts, such as meshes and profiles, roll-out insect screens allow proper ventilation of rooms due to their very good internal airflow.
  • Another advantage of NoBuzz by QFORT roll-out insect screens is that they do not need to be disassembled during winter, thanks to the box they are equipped with.
Roll-Out Insect Screens

Components of Roll-Out Insect Screens

NoBuzz by QFORT roll-out insect screens are equipped with profiles made of extruded aluminium, a material that gives them optimal strength for a long period of time.

Furthermore, the roll-out screens’ meshes are made of polypropylene, a lightweight and non-tear material, especially at high temperatures, providing the best protection against any kind of insects while allowing good airflow in the room.

Roll-out insect screens components
Maintenance of roller insect screens

Maintenance of Roll-Out Insect Screens

Similar to roller screens, NoBuzz by QFORT roll-out insect screens are easy to maintain, proper maintenance being one of the most important elements that influence their resistance over time.

To properly clean the roll-out insect screens it is necessary only to use hot water and a sponge, or a detergent sprayer and a dry cloth.

We recommend that you avoid using rough brush-type devices or the vacuum cleaner, as these may affect the long-term quality and durability of the mesh.

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