Aluminium Colour Palette

Stars by QFORT

Besides resistance, appearance is another important element for the harmony and comfort that you need at home. Therefore, QFORT comes with a wide range of colours for your aluminium QFORT products.

All the colours are available, as standard, with structured finishing, offering a better protection against scratches.

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Colours Available for Aluminium thermal-insulated Products

All the RAL colours come with structural finish as standard, optionally being possible to order them with matt finishing.

The colour, brightness and texture of the images below may differ from the real ones.

Group 1 – standard colours

RAL 9016 (PE9016TD)

RAL 9010 (PE9010TD)

RAL 9006 (PE9006TX)

RAL 9007 (PE9007TX)

RAL 7016 (PE7016TD)

RAL 8017 (P8017T)

RAL 6005 (PE6005TD)

RAL 9005 (PE9005TD)

Group 2 – custom colours

RAL 1013 (PE1013TD)

RAL 1015 (P1015T)

RAL 3004 (P3004T)

RAL 3005 (P3005T)

RAL 5001 (P5001T)

RAL 5003 (PE5003TD)

RAL 5008 (PE5008TD)

RAL 5024 (P5024T)

RAL 5010 (P5010T)

RAL 6009 (P6009T)

RAL 6019 (P6019T)

RAL 6021 (P6021T)

RAL 7001 (P7001T)

RAL 7012 (PE7012TD)

RAL 7022 (TX7022DE)

RAL 7035 (P7035T)

RAL 7039 (P7039T)

RAL 8014 (PE8014TD)

RAL 9001 (P9001T)

Group 2 – decorative finishes (non-RAL)

2100 Black blasted

2500 Blasted green

2900 Blasted gray

2525 MARS




Group 3

Anodic gold

Anodic bronze

Anodic natura

Anodic champagne

Steel blue platinum

Golden Beach

Azzurro 4601

Champagne 4601

Approx. C0 anodized

Approx. C32 anodized

Group 3 - Wood effect colors

Golden Oak

12 Walnut

13 Oak Medium

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