About us – QFORT, a business designed to last

Who are we?

Founded in Romania and now operating internationally, we are one of the most reputable and solid entrepreneurial businesses in the durable-goods industry, producing heat-insulation joinery for the European market. The main countries in which we operate are Romania, Italy and France, but we also have operations in Austria, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland

Over the years we have developed production capacities to the most demanding modern standards, operating an integrated business model, from production to advisory and support services.

We have built a significant competitive advantage by offering consumers outstanding products in terms of quality and durability, as well as unique sales and representation capabilities.

How do we make it happen?

The capabilities of QFORT and our business partners in terms of understanding the needs and expectations of modern consumers and overcoming the same in the actual service provision process are validated through competence, sustained work and innovative spirit.

We at QFORT create not only products „designed to last”, but also sustainable relationships with business partners, which we always choose according to the same „best in the field” test.

27 years

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What is our goal?

Our mission is to provide our end customers with a better standard of living and greater value for the residence in which they live.

In this respect, we understand the importance of the quality of relationships with our business partners, to whom we provide adequate support, inspiration and rewards, with the ultimate goal of increasing our company’s value.

What do we believe in, and what inspires us?

At QFORT, we believe that a stoic frame of mind is required to produce and sell a window or door of exceptional quality and durability.

We believe in action, not talk, so we have become not only the market leaders, but also the favourite brand in our country of origin, Romania.

We believe in long-lasting partnerships with our dealers and our production and service partners, as well as in the win–win approach.

We believe in a tenacious attitude, and we learn from mistakes, which has helped us to act with more ambition and dedication whenever necessary.

„QFORT. designed to last” is true as long as our products of quality and durability provide the best customer satisfaction and the best business opportunities to our business partners. This is the only way our company will be time-proof and present in our customers’ lives.

Our values have inspired us along our business journey. These have been and will always be the foundation of our organisation’s behaviour and, on an extended basis, of our business partners’ behaviour.

We follow a complex business model, both producers’ and traders’, based on two categories of values:

  • Those that ensure the quality of our products and services
  • Those that ensure the quality of our relationships (in terms of partnerships, sales and representation)

The values defining our capacity as manufacturer are:

  • Industrious and tenacious spirit
  • Competence and responsibility
  • Common sense and performance
  • Team spirit
  • Appetite for novelty and innovation

The values defining our behaviour in business partner relationships are:

  • Reliability as a partner
  • A developer of solutions
  • Mutual benefit

Our Promises

What differentiates us from our competitors, providing at the same time a unique and relevant benefit to our business, is the time-proof and weather-resistant strength of the products we manufacture and trade in. This translates to our promise of value – QFORT Designed to last – the promise that QFORT products are manufactured according to best product quality practices to provide the customer with the easiest, and most worry-free maintenance and ultimate durability in terms of time and weather.

QFORT delivers to end-users and business partners the best value in doors and windows made of insulating joinery in the of durable-goods category:

  • Excellent product quality and durability
  • High standard of sales support

Thus, we make sure that both our customers and our partners enjoy a higher quality of life and mutually beneficial relationships.

QFORT History

The history of QFORT begins with a small business founded in Romania in 1995 during the emergence of Eastern Europe, which has evolved into a successful company now operating in the European market and providing a relevant quality and durable alternative for insulating joinery products and accessories designed for the comfort of European families’ homes.

Our promise, ‘Designed to last’, was made from the very first moment of our existence and is still validated by our continued concern to associate with the most reputable partners and to attract the best specialists into the company.

Thus, we have become more and more competent, but also more courageous in trying new approaches, new products, new home improvement solutions and new business models.


The quality and durability of our products, as well as the services provided and the sustainable partnerships entered into with the best in the field, have earned us the leading position in the PVC insulating joinery industry.

QFORT products are certified in terms of quality by ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 standards. In addition, QFORT holds compliance certificates issued by the ift Rosenheim Institute in Germany.

QFORT Certifications
Social responsability

Social Responsibility

Bearing in mind our ultimate goal of providing our consumers with a better standard of living, we are also focusing on increasing the value of the society in which we develop and on raising social standards of living.

That's why we are actively involved in education, health, sport, as well as in supporting non-governmental organisations and humanitarian causes.

We are glad to offer our support, guided by the beliefs and values we take upon our shoulders.