Built-on roller shutters

Built-on Roller Shutters

Build on roller shutters by QFORT

The built-on Roller shutters are mounted on the outside of the PVC joinery already installed. This is one of the most commonly used shading systems, as most owners opt to install the Roller shutters only after the PVC joinery is mounted on the construction.

They have the capacity significantly enhance the heat-insulation properties of the PVC windows, providing increased comfort and greater energy efficiency.

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High durability, added safety and superior heat insulation

The built-on Roller shutters in the Discreet by QFORT range are the ideal solution for any type of construction, combining their particular aesthetic advantages with integrated technologies and the durability of the materials used, so as to provide added security when fully closed but also optimal resistance to cold, heatwave and bad weather.

Built-on Roller Shutters Reno-45

Reno 45

The Reno 45 built-on Roller shutters are characterized by their modern design, outlined by straight lines that complement the style of any construction, and the box is made of aluminium at a 45-degree angle.

Built-on Roller Shutters Reno-SR

Reno SR

The Reno SR Roller shutters are distinguished from the Reno 45 ones in that they have a rounded modern design that is harmoniously combined with the stylish and simplistic style of classic buildings.

Features of Built-on Roller Shutters

  • The built-on Roller shutters are intended for use on existing constructions.
  • The boxes of the built-on Roller shutters are made of aluminium with a modern design outlined by straight or rounded lines that complement the aesthetics of any construction.
  • The small size of the box makes it easier to further mount them under any window or door lintel (through beam).
  • Available with aluminium slats and boxes, the built-on Roller shutters harmoniously fit into any facade style, due to the box shape and the wide range of colours available.
  • The discreet box is specially designed to keep the building’s aesthetic line on the exterior and optimise the lighting opening on the interior, letting natural light penetrate into the dwelling when the shutter is raised to the maximum.
  • The built-on roller shutter slats are made of high-quality aluminium and filled with polyurethane foam, and have optimal heat- and noise-insulation capacity.
  • Two coats of paint are applied on the slats, based on special technology, giving increased resistance to abrasion and weathering.
  • For enhanced comfort and increased privacy, the built-on Roller shutters can be equipped with insect screens without affecting the ventilation.
Built-on Roller Shutters

Motors of Roller Shutters

The built-on Roller shutters in the Discreet by QFORT range are equipped with special Somfy motor systems.

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Colours Available

The built-on Roller shutters are available in a variety of colours, fitting perfectly into any architectural style.

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