PVC Smart Slide 4Stars sliding doors

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Smart Slide 4Stars sliding system constitutes a new generation in terms of sliding doors with parallel gliding.

The space is optimized to the maximum because the sashes are operated independently, and the closing mechanism ensures a smooth sliding and thus, a simple operation of the sliding door. This system represents an ideal way to create a comfortable, wide and bright living space

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Benefits PVC Smart Slide 4Stars sliding doors

  • It is an excellent solution for private households, as well as public buildings, where a simple usage as well as reliability for sliding doors is expected.
  • Thanks to the gaskets of the sash which are positioned transversely on the whole perimeter, good results are obtained at insulation, wind resistance and water permeability tests.
  • It represents an optimal option for energy consumption reduction.
  • Allows building a glazed structure of up to 1500mm x 2400mm.
  • They can come equipped with Venetian blinds, which increases a household’s comfort.

Technical Details of PVC Smart Slide 4Stars sliding doors

PVC Smart Slide 4Stars sliding doors

  • Assembly depth: 140mm;
  • Thickness of the outer wall of PVC profiles > 2.5mm;
  • Thermal insulation coefficient Uw ≥ 0.83 W/m²K*;
  • Galvanized steel reinforcement 1.5mm - 2mm;
  • Easy cleaning;
  • High resistance to wind, rain and dust;
  • The innovative closing mechanism allows a simple and intuitive operation, similar to the solutions used for sliding and HST lift&slide doors;
  • It can be foiled in all colours in the palette;
  • It cannot be aluminium cladded.

* Uw = 0.83 W/m²K value was obtained for a construction with L - 2556mm, H - 2086mm, two sashes and glazing with Ug = 0.6 W/m²K

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Manufacturing options

Scheme A: pening to the left

Scheme A1: opening to the right

Scheme C: 4 sashes, 2 mobile and 2 fixed