Arrogance Aluminum thermal-insulated Windows

With a glazed area of up to 85% of the window, the innovative Arrogance system has been designed to bring extra natural light intro your home. In addition to the generous supply of natural light, the new QFORT system offers a high performance in terms of thermal and sound insulation. With an assembly depth of 65 mm, Arrogance windows can be equipped with a glass package up to 40 mm thick, ensuring optimal tightness, high permeability and wind resistance.

This new system can optionally be equipped with hidden hinges, with a maximum opening of 95°, which give the window a modern and elegant design, or with hinges that allow 180° opening.

The minimalist design is complemented by a wide palette of colors in which Arrogance windows can be painted, from discreet colors to vibrant ones or wood imitation.

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Benefits of the Arrogance Aluminum thermal-insulated Windows

Comfort and Quality of Living Standards

Life Standard Comfort and Quality

Durability QFORT


Energy saving QFORT

Energy saving

Protection and Security QFORT

Protection and Security