Somfy is an international company present for more than 10 years in Romania, and 49 years in the world, providing complete solutions for home automation, with the main purpose of increasing the level of comfort and security of consumers.

Established in 1969, Somfy is a French group that has gradually grown and is now present in more than 60 countries worldwide. Thanks to its strictly respected values, proven professionalism and highly developed appetite for permanent innovation, the Somfy Group has become a global leader in door and window automation for residential and industrial buildings, with more than 100 million motors sold around the world.

Somfy wireless technologies make home control easier, providing greater comfort and security. Motor-driven products can communicate with each other wirelessly using embedded radio technology. Specifically, the equipment can be centralised and controlled as a whole, remote controlled or automated.

Additionally, Somfy adaptable systems allow the user to add equipment to suit their needs and budgets without compromising the original installation.

One of the innovative technologies developed by Somfy is the TaHoma command unit, which provides the necessary services for centralising, controlling, guiding and programming all compatible equipment in a home, helping to render it more efficient in a simple, reliable and integrated way. You can connect and manage roller shutters, Venetian blinds, outer screens, lighting systems, heaters, gates, garage doors, cameras and alarms, either at home or remotely, via a mobile application.

The cooperation between QFORT and Somfy is long-lasting, based on trust and of mutual benefit, and built upon the common interest in improving the quality of customers’ lives and increasing the value of the residence by increasing comfort and ensuring a high level of security.