Roller Insect Screens

No Buzz roller insect screens

NoBuzz by QFORT roller insect screens are the best solution in terms of efficiency and comfort.

These provide the best protection against mosquitoes and other insect pests that can disturb the peace of your home, especially during the warm season.

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Great ease of handling and best efficiency

Roller insect screens consist of an aluminium box with a shaft on which the mesh rolls when lifting is required.

Roller screens are a modern and secure option, being very easy to handle and enhancing user convenience by being usable throughout the summer and not requiring disassembly when the cold season occurs, because the mesh can be easily rolled inside the box.

NoBuzz by QFORT insect screens are available in various designs, so you can choose the ideal option, depending on the aesthetics of your residence windows and your specific requirements.

Vertical Roller Insect Screens

Vertical Roller Insect Screens

Recommended for: Windows

Roller Insect Screens

Single-Sided Roller Insect Screens

Recommended for: Single-Wing Balcony Doors

Roller Insect Screens

Double-Sided Roller Insect Screens

Recommended for: Balcony Doors and Double-Wing Sliding Doors

Benefits of NoBuzz by QFORT Roller Insect Screens

  • Like all QFORT products, the Roller Insect Screens are characterised by excellent durability, thanks to the best-quality components used in the manufacturing process.
  • The handling of insect protection screens is particularly easy, involving no effort or costly operation in terms of time spent.
  • Made of high-quality materials, roller insect screens allow for good airflow inside the residence, as well as proper indoor ventilation.
  • Due to their varied shapes, roller mosquito screens are ideal for fitting any type of joinery, be it PVC, wood or aluminium.
  • NoBuzz by QFORT roller insect screens are characterised by a modern design and flexibility in terms of shapes, having the property of not affecting the appearance of the façade or the aesthetics of the window and being available in varied designs for both windows and doors.
  • No disassembly operations are required during the cold season, as the roller screens can be easily rolled inside the box.
  • The components, especially the mesh rolling box, provide the roller insect screen with protection against extreme weather, reducing the risk of system malfunction.
Roller Insect Screens

Roller Insect Screens Components

NoBuzz by QFORT roller insect screens have the following components:

  • profiles made of extruded aluminium, a material that gives them optimal strength over time;
  • screens made of black or grey fibreglass; fireproof, finely meshed, not affecting visibility to the outside and filtering the air of impurities;
  • equipped, as standard, with a device (brake) that prevents any damage to the mesh by automatically slowing down the mesh returning to its box after it is unblocked.
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Maintenance of roller insect screens

Maintenance of Roller Insect Screens

The maintenance of roller insect screens is very easy, being an indispensable process for maintaining their durability over time.

Appropriate cleaning of roller insect screens is carried out very simply with warm water and a sponge, by light rubbing. Also, a detergent sprayer can be used, spread over the entire surface of the mesh, followed by wiping with a dry, clean cloth.

QFORT recommends that you avoid using a high-intensity vacuum cleaner or rough brush-type devices to clean roller insect screens. To facilitate the maintenance process, you can choose a special brush with two parts, one with a sponge and another with a very fine brush, which will allow easy removal of dust and impurities deposited on the screen.

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