7Stars Aluminium lift&slide doors

The 7Stars Aluminium lift and slide systems represent the ideal solution in order to redesign the space of your home. Whether you want to add extra natural light to your house or you want to create a spectacular bond with the external environment, QFORT sliding systems offer you the perfect combination between functionality and modern design.

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Along the attractive design given by the straight lines of the profile, 7Stars Aluminium Lift and Slide system also has a series of practical advantages. This system allows a broad glazed surface, while also having excellent thermal and sound insulation.

The energetic performance of Paysage 7Stars system is given by the high quality of the materials used for the whole assembly, from the profile, to the hardware and to the pack of glazing.

Paysage 7Stars satisfies not only the most strict requests from an aesthetic point of view, integrating perfectly in any household, but it also creates a nice environment thanks to the high natural light allowance and to the thermal and sound insulation. All these characteristics result in a high comfort and added value to any household.

Advantages of Paysage by QFORT 7Stars lift&slide doors

  • It redefines the connection between indoors and outdoors, offering a good perspective over the space outside the house. This system benefits of a low threshold of only 20mm, which does not only have an aesthetic role, but also a practical one, facilitating the pass;
  • It offers the possibility of a large glazed surface, which means a generous natural light allowance and increased comfort;
  • Thanks to the modern design, it can be easily integrated in any design project, adding an extra value to the house;
  • The excellent insulation properties ensure a high comfort to your home;
  • It is easy to manoeuvre, going in and out being done with no effort. Moreover, it needs a reduced space, for the active sash slides in parallel with the fixed sash;
  • It is a durable system, which ensures an optimal tightness, whatever the weather.

Technical details of Paysage by QFORT 7Stars lift&slide doors

Characteristics of the Aluminium 7Stars lift&slide systems

Aluminium 7Stars Lift&Slide systems have the following characteristics:

    • the width of the glazing which form the Sliding Paysage systems is 24-54mm;
    • the assembly depth is 163mm for a frame with two railways;
    • the width of the external wall of the profiles is 1.7-2mm;
    • small dimension threshold: 20mm;
    • the lift and slide systems can be built with 2 or 4 mobile sashes;
    • the maximum weight of the sash is 400kg;
    • Thermal insulation coefficient Uw ≥ 0.95 W/m²K*.

* Uw = 0.95 W/m²K value was obtained for a construction with full frame L – 4282mm, H – 2240mm, two sashes and glazing with Ug = 0.5 W/m²K

This system is indicated for the sashes with a maximum width of 3.500mm and a maximum height of 3.300mm.

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Types of opening of Paysage by QFORT 7Stars lift&slide doors

Aluminium 7Stars Lift&Slide systems are available in options with 2 or 4 (mobile sashes), regarding preferences and the type of space for which they are meant.

2 wings

2 wings

2 wings

4 wings

4 wings