Resellers / QFORT Dealers

We are looking for lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.

We, at QFORT, are defined by a continuous concern to associate with the most reputable partners in various fields.

We believe in long-lasting partnerships with dealers and with production and service partners, as well as in a win–win approach. That's why, through our products and services, we are not only pursuing ultimate customer satisfaction, but also creating the best business opportunities for our resellers.

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Requirements you need to meet to become QFORT resellers:

  • Work experience in PVC joinery industry or other related industries;
  • Well-positioned business premises;
  • Dedicated and professional assembly and sales teams;
  • Logistics capacity (warehouse and assembly machines) in the operating area.

All QFORT partners shall be provided with:

  • Store layout according to QFORT standard;
  • PVC corners and windows;
  • Permanent logistics and sales support;
  • Specialised software;
  • Store promotion package;
  • Access to top-tier QFORT products.

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We are, by definition, trusted partners and solution developers, ready to make sure our business partners benefit from pleasant and mutually beneficial relationships.

We know that profitable businesses are built with dedicated partners, so if you meet the above requirements, we invite you to fill in the form below and apply to become a QFORT partner.