Aluplast was established in 1982 and has developed by manufacturing and selling high-quality PVC window systems, currently ranging among the largest and most successful brands in the industry.

With more than 30 years of activity in this area, Aluplast is an international company holding 20 manufacturing facilities and sales offices in six countries, and approximately 1350 employees in 28 countries.

The headquarters of the company is located in Germany, where, thanks to innovation, active involvement and very good cross-departmental communication, PVC profiles for insulating windows and doors are manufactured that perfectly adjust to the specific requirements of each market. Investments in technological development guarantee the highest technical level of the solutions they provide.

Another important headquarters of Aluplast has been in Poland since 1995, which is currently the largest supplier of PVC window and door systems on the Polish market.

Although it has grown over time as a global player on the PVC joinery market, Aluplast has retained the values characteristic of small companies, the main differentiating point being the flexibility of the system according to which relationships with business partners are conducted. Thus, through short communication channels and simple structures, Aluplast manages to respond quickly and be dynamic in dealing with partners and changing market demands.

The partnership between QFORT and Aluplast began in 2015 when we made the decision to integrate PVC profiles manufactured and supplied by the company into the production process of our insulating windows and doors.

Given technological leadership, focus on innovation and sustainable partnerships, as well as flexibility, Aluplast and QFORT have developed a close and sustainable cooperation based on trust and a win–win approach, based on our common ultimate goal of delivering the best value to our customers.