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Stars by QFORT

QFORT is certified as the best product durability brand, according to 2018 Katar Millward Brown.

The main elements allowing the excellent durability of QFORT windows are those related to hardware and built-in accessories.

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PVC profiles

The PVC profiles used in the production of QFORT heat-insulation windows are created by two of the world’s leading international manufacturers in the field.

In order to meet even the most demanding needs, we offer you a choice of five-, six- or seven-chamber PVC profiles with a width of 70 mm, 82 mm or 85 mm, respectively.

Why is it important to know the number of chambers and the width of the PVC profiles when choosing the ideal window? Because the PVC profile of a heat-insulation window is one of the essential elements that ensures the durability and noise and heat insulation of the window.

The thicker the profile and the greater the number of chambers, the longer the window will retain its strength over time, plus the heat and noise-insulation coefficients will be higher.

PVC Windows


All PVC profiles used in the production of QFORT heat-insulation joinery have integrated galvanised steel reinforcement.

These properties translate to added stability, and optimal strength and operation over time.




For optimum sealing against wind, dust and bad weather, QFORT windows are equipped with silicone rubber gaskets, which adds increased residential comfort, as well as greater protection in all seasons.

In addition, to ensure the most pleasant possible aesthetic appearance, the gaskets used for QFORT windows are available in various colours, depending on the profile.

For white profiles, for example, the gaskets are light-grey, and for coloured profiles they are black or caramel, depending on the colour and type of the profile.

In addition, all QFORT windows are equipped with an additional rabbet gasket that provides added tightness and protection against dust, and the windows are much easier to clean and maintain.



In order to provide added security for your home, we have chosen the best handles available on the market in terms of quality and durability.

Therefore, QFORT windows are equipped with Hoppe handles, incorporating the Secustik security system. This system allows the handle to be operated only from the inside so that the window cannot be opened from the outside using another handle.

Also, in order to provide you with additional confidence, we offer you the choice of key handles for home windows.

In standard, QFORT windows are equipped with a Brest Secustik matt titanium keyless handle.

  • 1. Brest Secustik – Matt titanium
  • 2. Brest Secustik – White
  • 3. Brest Secustik* – Bronze
  • 4. Brest Secustik* – Black
  • 5. Toulon SecuForte* – White
  • 6. Toulon SecuForte* – Matte Titanium
  • 7. Toulon SecuForte* – Bronze
  • 8. Dublin – Brushed stainless steel
  • 9. Dublin – RAL 7023
  • 10. Dakar – Gold
  • 11. Roto Swing – Matte Titanium

*Brest Secustik handles (black and bronze) and Toulon SecuForte handles are not available on 6Stars and 7Stars with
external opening.


The micro-ventilation system is a technical innovation specific to QFORT heat-insulation windows, that aims to ensure the possibility of refreshing the air in the dwelling, as well as to avoid condensation due to temperature differences.

The micro-ventilation system allows the window to open by just a few millimeters, enough for air to circulate freely in the room.

This function is integrated into the standard fitting of QFORT tilt-and-turn windows.

Window frame lifter and fail safe device

This is a device mounted on the sash (the moveable part of the window) that rests on a special mounting in the frame and absorbs the force with which the handle is pressed vertically when closing the window.

Due to the fail-safe mechanism, window mishandling is prevented.

Thus, QFORT windows do not lose calibration over time and maintain optimal and constant operation.


Hinges are elements that ensure the optimal tightness of QFORT windows, thus providing extra comfort to the dwelling.

QFORT windows are equipped, as standard, with strong hinges that are protected by matt titanium masking caps.

Depending on your preferences, you can also choose masking caps in white, bronze or gold colours.

We also offer you the option of hidden hinges.

Although an unobtrusive detail adding more elegance to the residence, they retain the security features of the standard hardware while providing a great aesthetic advantage due to the lack of visible hinge elements.

Locking Points

The locking points are an extremely important component of the durability and security of a high-quality window.

It makes it easy to quickly adjust the window tightness.

The adjustment can be done very precisely and gradually at each locking point, ensuring optimal tightness on each side of the window throughout its lifetime.

All QFORT windows are equipped, as standard, with locking points.

Safety and tilt strikers

The safety and tilt strikers provided in the standard fitting of QFORT tilt-and-turn windows.

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