Fixed Insect Screens

No Buzz fixed insect screens

NoBuzz by QFORT fixed insect screens are the best choice in terms of installation and ease of maintenance.

They provide special protection against mosquitoes, insects and other impurities carried by the wind during warm seasons.

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Quick to install, easy to clean and best to protect

Fixed insect screens are recommended for installation on PVC windows, especially those equipped with embedded or attached revolving shutters on the outside, and do not allow for more complex insect protection systems to be installed.

Thanks to the high-quality profile and mesh, NoBuzz by QFORT fixed insect screens are highly resistant to wear and tear and weather.

Benefits of NoBuzz by QFORT Fixed Insect Screens

  • Due to the components and materials used in the manufacturing process, NoBuzz by QFORT fixed insect screens enjoy excellent durability.
  • Both the assembly and disassembly are particularly simple processes and can be performed by the end-user himself. However, QFORT specialists will take care of all the details of installing screens inside the residence, without having to worry about this.
  • Fixed insect screens provide maximum protection against both insects and impurities, dust and pollen carried by the wind, which can cause seasonal allergies.
  • The mesh of fixed insect screens is made of materials that make it easy for natural light to penetrate inside, while also providing the best visibility to the outside.
  • They are easy to use and cost-effective, with an outstanding price–benefits ratio.
  • The maintenance of fixed insect screens is a very simple process, with no special cost or effort required.
Fixed Insect Screens

Components of Fixed Insect Screens

The profile of NoBuzz by QFORT fixed insect screens is made of extruded aluminium and available in different colour variants.

The mesh is made of fibreglass, which gives our screens excellent protection against insects and resistance over time, and particular easy maintenance.

In addition to the profile and mesh, fixed insect screens also come with of four corners, four mesh support gaskets and mesh fastening clips inside the PVC joinery.

Components of Fixed Insect Screens
Maintenance of roller insect screens

Maintenance of Fixed Insect Screens

In order to extend the use of fixed insect screens but also avoid material degradation and prevent breakage, the screen maintenance process should not be neglected. This is very simple and can be done by yourself in your own home.

If you have chosen fixed insect screens for PVC windows, QFORT recommends that at least once a month you should remove dust and impurities deposited on the screen, either with a brush or with an electrostatic duster or by vacuum cleaning.

Also, whenever necessary, after removing the dust the profile can be washed with a sponge or damp cloth.

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