Roller shutters for windows

Roller shutters Discret by QFORT

Whether automatically or manually actuated, the Roller shutters in the Discreet by QFORT range are the optimal solution to offer added comfort and privacy to your house, regardless of its area or orientation.

The main role of the Roller shutters is to provide shade and reduce the greenhouse effect that can occur, especially on south or west facing windows.

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Advantages of Discreet by QFORT Roller Shutters

Benefits- Increased comfort


“Natural” coolness – The roller shutters prevent the excessive heating of the house and provide increased protection against the greenhouse effect caused by the sunlight, maintaining a cool temperature inside, even on hot summer days.

Shade – Because it offers flexibility in dosing the natural light, the roller shutters help you enjoy a restful sleep even by day, at any time.

Privacy - Because it offers flexibility in the dosing the natural light, the roller shutters help you to enjoy privacy and comfort in the room.

Valoare crescuta QFORT

Increased value

Wide range of operations – The roller shutters can be operated manually or through a switch or a remote control, ensuring the comfort you dreamed of. Moreover, thanks to state of the art systems, they can be also be operated through the internet, from wherever you are.

Aesthetics – The roller shutters can be produced in a wide variety of colors to harmonize the facade of the building.

Benefits - Security


Safety and protection - Made in aluminum, the roller shutters provide an extra safety against unwanted guests. On the other hand, the electric shutters can be programmed to go up and down at certain time intervals, in order to simulate the presence in the house.

Insect protection– The roller shutters allow the integration of nets against the insects, real shields that provide protection for homes even when the windows are opened.

Protection against the vagaries of the weather– Taking into consideration the climatic manifestations of recent years, such as unexpected storms, the roller shutters are like a real barrier, providing efficient protection of windows.

Noise insulation

Sound insulation

Superior sound insulation – The roller shutter blades have polyurethane foam in the middle, representing an additional barrier to external noise.

Benefits - Heat insulation

Thermal insulation

Thermal insulation – The roller shutters reduce heat loss through windows during the winter time, so the use of the roller shutters reduces heat consumption, maintaining heat inside the house.

Models of Discreet by QFORT Roller Shutters

Applied roller shutters Discreet by QFORT

The applied roller shutters are mounted on the outside of the PVC joinery already installed. This is one of the most commonly used shading systems, as most owners opt to install the Roller shutters only after the PVC joinery is mounted on the construction.

Overlapped roller shutters Discreet by QFORT

The overlapped exterior roller shutters are those that are mounted with the PVC joinery and are recommended if you have not yet mounted the PVC joinery within the construction, or if you want to change the joinery during the renovation process.

Applied plastered roller shutters Discreet by QFORT

Plastered applied rollers are provided to be wall mounted for new constructions. Installation of this system in existing buildings is possible after a necessary modification of the lintel, depending on the established insulation.

Customisation of Discreet by QFORT Roller Shutters

Anti-Insect Protection

The roller shutters allow the integration of insect screens, providing housing protection even when the windows are open.

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Insect screens Roller Shutters

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