Roller shutters for windows

Roller shutters for windows

Roller shutters Discret by QFORT

Whether automatically or manually actuated, the Roller shutters in the Discreet by QFORT range are the optimal solution to offer added comfort and privacy to your house, regardless of its area or orientation.

The main role of the Roller shutters is to provide shade and reduce the greenhouse effect that can occur, especially on south or west facing windows.

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Advantages of Discreet by QFORT Roller Shutters

  • The Roller shutters provide efficient window protection, acting as barriers to unexpected climate-related events and vagaries of the weather, such as unexpected storms;
  • Made of aluminium slats, the Roller shutters enhance the noise-insulation properties of PVC windows with insulated glazing;
  • The Roller shutter slats have polyurethane foam inside, reducing heat loss through the windows during the cold season and generating increased energy efficiency of the dwelling by reducing energy consumption;
  • Being made of aluminium, the Roller shutters provide added security against intruders. In addition, electric shutters can be set to raise and lower at certain time intervals to simulate presence in the house;
  • Due to the fact that they offer flexibility in allowing in natural light, the Roller shutters help you enjoy restful sleep even during the day, providing the rooms with added privacy and comfort;
  • The Roller shutters improve the energy performance of the dwelling, as well as the noise insulation of the PVC windows, increasing overall comfort and value of the residence.

Models of Discreet by QFORT Roller Shutters

Built-on Roller Shutters Discreet by QFORT

The built-on Roller shutters are mounted on the outside of the PVC joinery already installed. This is one of the most commonly used shading systems, as most owners opt to install the Roller shutters only after the PVC joinery is mounted on the construction.

Roller shutters

Built-in Roller Shutters Discreet by QFORT

The built-in exterior Roller shutters are those that are mounted with the PVC joinery and are recommended if you have not yet mounted the PVC joinery within the construction, or if you want to change the joinery during the renovation process.

Roller shutters

Motors of Discreet by QFORT Revolving Shutters

The attached or embedded roller shutters in the Discreet by QFORT range are equipped with special motor systems – solar panel motor or Somfy radio waves – which give them ease of handling and added comfort for the user.

Advantages of Somfy Motors

  • Easy detection of obstacles;
  • End limits automatic adjustment;
  • Frost protection;
  • Memorising the settings in the event of power failure;
  • Protection against forced opening;
  • Allows the setting of a favourite position (for some control devices only).


The Discreet by QFORT window roller shutters can be made in a wide range of colours to fit perfectly into any architectural style and to harmonise with the building facade.

STANDARD – aluminium slats – 39 mm

Colours - white


Colours - silver


Colours - aluminium gray

Aluminium gray

Colours - gray Anthracite

Gray Anthracite

Colours - anthracite matt pearl

Anthracite matt pearl

Colours - dark brown

Dark Brown

Colours - golden oak

Golden Oak

Colours - walnut


Colours - oak medium

Oak Medium

OPTIONAL – aluminium slats – 39 mm

Colours - gray


Colours- light gray

Light Gray

Colours- beige


Colours - dark beige

Dark Beige

Colours - brown


Colours- gray quart

Gray Quart

Colours- gray basalt

Gray Basalt

Colours - black


Colours - dark blue

Dark Blue

Colours - green


Colours - dark green

Dark Green

Colours - red


Colours - red bordo

Red Bordo

Colours - winchester


Colours - Mahogany


OPTIONAL – aluminium slats – 45 mm

Colours - white


Colours - gray


Colours - gray Anthracite

Gray Anthracite

Colours - golden oak

Golden Oak

Anti-Insect Protection

The roller shutters allow the integration of insect screens, providing housing protection even when the windows are open.

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Insect screens Roller Shutters

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*The warranty period may vary depending on the components and specifications of the product. Please refer to the warranty certificate for more details.