ScreenLine® SL 27W Black-Out Pleated Blinds

Discret ScreenLine SL27W Black-Out pleated

Suitable for all types of windows, even mounted ones.

The ScreenLine® SL27W Black-out pleated system is particularly suited to environments that require complete obscurity, due to its higher properties of reducing reflected light.

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Venetian blinds with 98% shading

These double-guided spacer bars are suitably coated in order to reduce reflected light, thus offering 98% shading.

As they are built-in between the window glass panes, the Venetian blinds benefit from protection against dirt, and no maintenance is required.

The blind is operated by a control device that is built-on to the glass or by remote control (optional).

The battery can be recharged in two ways: by means of a battery charger with a micro-USB output, or continuously and independently using an external solar panel (optional).

Easy and fast installation applies to all types of windows; there are no wires or electrical contacts.

The system is equipped with an aluminium spacer.

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    *The warranty period may vary depending on the components and specifications of the product. Please refer to the warranty certificate for more details.