ScreenLine® SL20-22P Blinds

Discret ScreenLine SL20-22P

The optimal choice for public places, hospitals or government offices with a high traffic.

ScreenLine® SL20-22P is a patented magnetic system with manual operation of the blinds mounted within 20 or 22 mm insulating glass packages.

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Venetian blinds very easy to handle

These systems are designed to perform a tilt-only function of the slats by means of an external knob positioned on the sash: the glass appears completely clear, easy to clean and free from external devices.

The internal magnetic device transmitting motion from the knob to the blinds is completely integrated and sealed within the sash so as to preserve the insulating properties of the insulating glass.

Due to these features, the ScreenLine® SL20-22P model is ideal for public places, hospitals, government offices and more, where a large number of people need to operate an easy-to-use system.

The system is equipped with a black or grey warm-edge bar, as standard.

When ordering a standard ScreenLine® SL20-22P system, you receive a complete package consisting of:

  • Venetian blinds with 12.5 mm slats;
  • 20 or 22 mm warm-edge spacer with rail;
  • 20 or 22 mm corners;
  • plastic knob for operating the slats provided with an operating cable;
  • mechanical transmission device equipped with fastening screws.
Venetian Blinds SL20-22P

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