ScreenLine® SL20-22C Blinds

Discret ScreenLine SL20-22C

They provide the house with optimal shading

ScreenLine SL 20-22C is a patented magnetic system with manual operation and a raising and tilting function for the slats mounted within 20 or 22 mm insulating glass packages.

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High durability and efficient shading

The external action device applied on the glass by means of high-resistance adhesive contains a cord, a tensioning element and a magnet that is perfectly interfaced with the magnetic coupling of the internal controller. The movement of the cord rotates the magnets that activate the slats.

The cord is kept under tension by a special element applied on the glass.

As they are built-in between the window glass panes, these Venetian blinds benefit from protection against dirt, and no maintenance is required.

The system is equipped with a black or grey warm-edge bar, as standard.

For surfaces larger than 3.5 m², this model is available only with the slat twist function and the final slat blocked in the lower position.

When ordering a standard ScreenLine® SL20-22C system, you receive a complete package consisting of:

  • Venetian blinds with 12.5 mm slats;
  • 20 or 22 mm warm-edge spacer with rail;
  • 20 or 22 mm corners;
  • an external magnetic device for handling the Venetian blinds with adhesive tape;
  • cord tensioning element with adhesive tape.
Venetian Blinds SL20-22C

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