ScreenLine® SL20-22W Blinds

Discret ScreenLine SL20-22W

Perfect for any type of environment, whether dwellings, offices or public places.

ScreenLine® SL20-22W is a battery-powered, motorised system with a raising and tilting function for slats built-in within 20 or 22 mm insulating glass packages.

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Venetian Blinds with electric control and zero maintenance

The blind is operated by a control device that is built-on to the glass or by remote control (optional).

The battery can be recharged in two ways: by means of a battery charger with a micro-USB output, or continuously and independently using an external solar panel (optional).

ScreenLine® SL20-22W is a combination of a manual system and a motorised traditional system.

It is suitable for every environment (homes, offices, public areas, etc.), does not require maintenance and there are no wires or electrical contacts.

It ensures the insulating features of the glass package over time and prevents sunlight from penetrating the house. This solar panel version has obvious advantages in terms of energy saving.

The system is equipped with a black or grey warm-edge bar, as standard.

When ordering a standard ScreenLine® SL20-22W system, you receive a complete package consisting of:

  • Venetian blinds with 12.5 mm slats;
  • 20 or 22 mm warm-edge spacer with rail;
  • 20 or 22 mm corners;
  • rack for connecting the battery.

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