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Olympia Scholarships

We encourage the passion for performance.
We believe in people, in their power to learn and to progress.

The “Olympia Scholarships” Educational Program is based on the passion for performance of QFORT team, a passion that we want to forward to the young people with high potential in Dolj County.

Our involvement in the educational system seeks to provide new perspectives to young pupils and students with a very good educational outlook as well as their tutoring teachers.

The „Olympia Scholarships” program was launched in 2006 and it had as a first action awarding the students from the National College Carol I in Craiova, who have won prizes (1st, 2nd and 3rd place) at the National Olympics.

The year 2007 came with the extension of the program, when we rewarded the performances of all high school students in Dolj County with significant results at the National Olympics (1st, 2nd and 3rd place) by granting monthly scholarships for a period of 12 months.

From the desire to support the efforts of all pupils with very good results in learning and to actively involve us in the educational development of young people, we decided to offer performance scholarships to both high school and gymnasium students in 2008. Also, the tutoring teachers’ effort has been rewarded by providing monthly scholarships of the same value as the ones for students.

In addition, in order to encourage the students who have received entries and their coordinating teachers, they have been awarded with fixed amounts of money.

„Casa Noastra Company wants to help young people in Dolj County by actively supporting the education of secondary and high school students. We are a company passionate about performance and we want to inspire the same passion for young people.” Stefan Cherciu, President of Casa Noastra Group.

We believe that education is the key to success and we see in our young people our future, both socially and economically. We admire students’ interest and perseverance, and through the initiative of this educational program, we want to encourage progress towards achievement.

In 2018, through our “Olympia Scholarships” program, we awarded over 364 scholarships.

Career Forum – University of Craiova

People are the key elements of our business.

Over time we have outlined an organizational culture defined by the elements that define us. We want to be memorable, always close to our partners. And in order to have satisfied customers, we need satisfied employees, eager for evolution and performance.

People are the key elements of our business, being our most important asset. That is why we are very careful in the recruitment process. We focus primarily on the young graduates of the educational institutions in the area (industrial high schools, profile schools, universities). We want to give young people a chance to grow. We want to learn, to innovate and to continuously develop.

That is why we had chosen to increase our engagement in education at the university level by actively participating in the Career Forum organized within the University of Craiova.

The Forum gathers together every year dozens of top employers from Dolj County and not only, that are providing job offers, internships and trainings for students in the final year.

The purpose of the Forum is to provide support in the development of career guidance reflections for students, to strengthen motivation for learning and development, to outline the communication interface between students and potential employers, to create and develop certain support mechanisms for career evolution, as well as facilitating the labour market integration of young graduates.

Through the participation at the Forum, Casa Noastra has provided various work opportunities for students in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, especially for Civil Engineering area.

Every year we offer students the opportunity to benefit from the professional experience in a pleasant, competitive working environment, constantly developing and evolving. We have organized internships on various departments, such as Marketing, Sales, and Finance. Right now, Casa Noastra Marketing Department is mostly made up of students recruited as a result of the activities organized within the Universities.

We are looking for ambitious and dedicated people, eager for evolution and over-fulfilment. We are primarily interested in hiring strong characters. By their behaviour, our employees are defined as fighters, who always succeed in accomplishing their purposes.