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“Mariuţa” Animal Protection Association is a non-governmental organization founded in November 2016 in Desa, Dolj County. The mission of the association is the rescue and care of homeless animals, currently having more than 250 animals in its care, such as dogs, cats, horses, rams and birds.

Although Mariuţa’s activity is rather broad, the resources, both financial and human, are at a minimum. At the beginning of 2018, Casa Noastra was contacted by one of the NGO’s representative in order to request support.

For us, the protection of the environment and all forms of life is a priority. It is a principle we have been guiding our work from the beginning and we were glad to be able to contribute.

Given that the Association needed an increase in awareness, we thought that the best way to help it was by promoting it online.

Therefore, through our partners, we supported the creation of a presentation website for Mariuta Animal Welfare Association, telling the story of the NGO, its structure and needs, and urging people to help with donations in money or materials, volunteering and adoptions. We then linked the site created with the already existing association’s Facebook page, thus increasing the online visibility of the association.

Through our involvement and support for “Mariuţa” we try to give an example to all the Romanian people, both individuals and companies. We want to facilitate access to information and to help people realize the importance of carrying out activities for both environmental and animal protection. The website dedicated to “Mariuţa” can be accessed at the link: