High-performance lift and slide assemblies made from QFORT slide 7Stars profiles

Friday / 6 May, 2016

The QFort Slide 7Stars solution is a system for lift and slide doors that facilitates large constructions, of up to 6,500mm wide and 2,500mm tall,
and has the highest thermal insulation coefficient on the market. This product is included in the PVC thermal insulating lift and slide joinery, according to measurements performed in specialized laboratories, its Uf value reaching a level of 1.1 W / mpK.

The standard offer includes thermal insulating glass units with three sheets of glass, with the window having a Ug index of 0.5 W/mpK.
By using a fiber-glass doorstep with polyurethane foam insert to improve the thermal insulating properties we obtain a Uw transfer coefficient of the entire assembly equal to 0.67 W/mpK (calculated for a frame with a width of 5,000mm and a height of 2,500mm), and this value fulfils the criteria laid down by the passive house standard for the performance properties of joinery assemblies.

The QFort Slide 7Stars system is available in a wide range of colours, including white, wraps in 27 saturated shades, as well as wood imitations. Furthermore, the profile can be plated on the outside with aluminium clips painted in any colour in the RAL palette.

Optionally, the QFort Slide 7Stars system can be equipped with a remote controlled motorised opening. QFort Slide 7Stars has a 197mm construction depth for the sill profile. This element is reinforced with aluminium profiles with thermal barrier, and an additional insulation with polyurethane foam is
provided. The frame is also reinforced with steel profiles and receives the same type of additional polyurethane foam insulation. This benchmark has a construction width of 85mm, therefore thermal insulating glass units of up to 48mm thick can be used.