QFORT, the number-one brand of windows in Romania, is online under a new concept

Tuesday / 18 June, 2019

Starting in June 2019, we are excited to provide you with a new online platform specifically designed to meet your information needs and improve your overall experience with our company’s brand, products and services.

What inspired the change?

Our continuous desire to improve the products and services we offer, as well as our mission to provide added value to our customers and business partners, has driven us to the reconstruction and optimisation of the official QFORT site. We first thought of you as a user, customer or potential customer of our company, and our main goal was to make your life easier by making use of all the functionality, technical improvements and innovations in the online environment.

What improvements does the new QFORT site bring?

The new QFORT site is a response to the most important questions and queries from our customers with reference to product presentation, page structure, menu and quality of the content presented. The whole QFORT team has worked towards providing you with the most useful information and helping you through transparency and unambiguity to make the best decision on choosing PVC or aluminium insulating joinery for your place.

Here are some of the most useful improvements to the new QFORT site:

  • New interface: Because we want you to have the best possible experience when interacting with the QFORT brand, the new site has a user-friendly interface, the elements put forward being well structured and organised, and the information presented in a transparent and unambiguous manner accessible on any device (desktop, tablet, mobile phone).
  • Enhanced structure: The new QFORT site gives you detailed information about all our products, services and partners, all of which are easy to access from the main menu. You can now identify the benefits of each product category and make comparisons, so you can save time and make the best decision with very little effort.
  • Ease in communicating with us: Because we want to guide you through the best choices, the new QFORT site aims to ease your process of contacting our team of specialists. Now, it’s much easier to send us queries or ask us for information through our contact forms. Furthermore, if you are interested in our products but do not have enough time to study them, on each product page you can leave your contact details, and we will call you back with assistance.
  • Relevant and valuable content: Our duty is to keep you informed and answer your questions; hence, the new QFORT site is rich in relevant content about products, services and partners.
  • Blog section: Our team of specialists offers useful advice, tips&tricks and answers to FAQs, all of which is designed to add value to your experience.
  • Newsletter: Monthly, we collect the most important news from the industry, as well as news related to our business, both in Romania and abroad (release of new products, participation in international fairs and exhibitions, commissioning of new production lines, new services, etc.). Subscribe now to our monthly newsletter to keep up to date with QFORT news!

These are just some of the improvements brought to the new QFORT website. We hereby invite you to visit our site to fully enjoy the new concept that we are delighted to make available.

We wish you good luck in making the most important decisions for your home!