How can QFORT help you have an energy efficient home?

Monday / 20 July, 2020

Energy efficiency is an essential and cost-effective investment. Whether we are talking about our homes, the office buildings we are working in, hotels or any other constructions, energy efficiency matters! An energy efficient building by definition is one that consumes as little electricity as possible for lighting, heating and cooling.

At international level, the concept of green homes and buildings has become a main concern for builders and developers, both ecologically and economically. Large companies are constantly looking for resources and solutions to maximize and capitalize on energy efficiency.

What are the advantages of equipping your home properly, in order to achieve a high level of energy efficiency?

  • First of all, you benefit from increased comfort, both in summer and in winter, without the need to keep the air conditioning on all summer or the radiators at maximum level all winter.
  • In addition to reducing unnecessary energy consumption, you will also reduce your monthly costs and lower your utility bills.
  • Last but not least you will also participate in global efforts for environment protection by reducing your energy footprint.

How can QFORT help you have an energy efficient home?

QFORT cares about your comfort! We provide you with a wide range of windows built to last that increase the overall comfort and efficiency in your home.

We are the number 1 brand in energy efficiency in our home country

According to recent studies among heat-insulation windows consumers, QFORT is the top rated brand in its home country and a European industry leader. This is a proof that we consistently manage to surpass our client’s expectations in terms of heat-insulation while helping create a safe and energy efficient home.

Our windows have the best heat-insulation coefficients

When designing our windows, QFORT engineers are using the most state-of-the-art technologies available in order to lower heat loss and help you improve your homes overall energy efficiency . Our profiles, reinforcements, gaskets and insulated glazing are all made from the highest quality materials in order to dramatically improve the comfort of your home or workplace.

The glass used in the manufacturing of QFORT’S heat-insulation window pane packages are sourced from Saint-Gobain, one of Europes most reputable glass manufacturers.

All QFORT products are equipped, as standard, with LowE Clear insulating glass, warm spacers (warm-edge technology), with either two or three panes of glass.

Moreover, QFORT windows can be equipped with different types of glass, providing multiple benefits in terms of better heat and noise insulation, significant energy saving and increased overall comfort.

Windows are probably the most important heat-insulation elements in your entire home. Carefully chosen, it can enhance the comfort of your home, through effective heat and noise insulation, increased strength and safety. If you are looking to improve your homes energy efficiency, book a visit to come see our beautiful new modern Showroom in Kitchener, Ontario!