How to extend the lifetime of PVC joinery: Tips for maintaining PVC windows

Friday / 15 March, 2019

PVC joinery is at the top of our choices, both for residencies and for areas intended for professional or recreational activities. The reason behind this choice consists of the benefits that this type of joinery provides us in the long term: excellent durability, increased comfort due to noise-insulation properties, and energy efficiency through a high level of heat insulation.

However, in order to be able to enjoy all these advantages for a long time and at the same time make our investment more efficient, it is important to pay attention to the use and handling of PVC joinery, as well as to its maintenance and cleaning. Thus, we can be sure our PVC windows and doors will have a longer lifetime, as we do not like to just throw money out the window.

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you have PVC heat-insulation joinery:

Proper use and handling of PVC windows – an asset for the residence

To extend the lifetime of your PVC windows, it is important to pay more attention to their handling. Being available in various designs, with different opening systems and hardware parts, proper use of PVC windows is a must if you want them to last.


6 useful recommendations for proper use of PVC windows

In order to preserve the functionality and secure the safety of your window, we recommend that you keep in mind the following tips:

1. Do not load the sash (the moveable part of the window) with extra weight.

2. Do not position objects between the sash and the frame (the fixed part of the window).

3. Do not slam the sash into the wall (a strong impact risks glass breakage or injury).

4. In the case of sliding windows and doors, be careful of the frame, which, being higher, can lead to stumbling, a fall and injury.

5. In the case of sliding doors, there is a risk of injury as they are closed. Therefore, special care should be taken.

6. When adjusting or replacing worn or damaged PVC joinery parts, you should use qualified personnel only.

PVC windows maintenance and cleaning – for windows built to last

In addition to proper handling, PVC windows require regular maintenance for optimal operation. For the maintenance process it is important to know how to choose the right cleaning products and how to use them properly so as not to affect the components and functionality of our windows.

Because we like to stay close to our customers after the sales process is over, QFORT proposes a complete PVC joinery maintenance and cleaning kit, specifically designed to take into account the specifications of our products and our customers’ needs. The kit includes the following:

  • Hardware Oil-based Spray is used to lubricate and maintain the functionality of hinges and hardware. It consists of special oil that prevents dry rubbing and premature wear and tear of moveable hardware parts.
  • PVC Profiles Cleaning Solution is a non-abrasive solution consisting of special solvents that remove stains and dirt, while also providing UV protection.
  • Gasket Solution ensures that the elasticity and functionality of the gaskets are maintained, thus avoiding their tearing or sticking to the PVC profile.
  • Cloth, specifically made for use together with the PVC profile cleaning solution.


Hardware Maintenance

Hardware is the mechanical part of a window and one of the most important elements ensuring optimal functionality and durability of PVC joinery. It can be easily maintained using the special oil included in the QFORT cleaning kit. It is sprayed inside each moving hardware part and on the hinges (after removing the protective caps).

PVC Profiles Cleaning

For efficient cleaning of PVC profiles, you can use the special cleaning solution in the QFORT kit with a wet cloth. The surface is cleaned by light rubbing along the length of the PVC profile. We recommend that you avoid circular rubbing movements. Also, after cleaning, it is important not to wipe the profile surface; this allows the cleaning solution to dry into a protective layer with antistatic properties and enhanced resistance to ultraviolet rays.

Gasket Maintenance

For the maintenance of the gaskets you can confidently use the special solution proposed by QFORT. Before using the solution, we recommend you gently wipe the dust off the gaskets with a clean, damp cloth. After removing the dust using the clean cloth, spread the special solution well on all window gaskets. The solution thus applied will cause the water to slide off the gaskets and maintain their elasticity.

PVC Windows Insulating Glass Cleaning

PVC windows glass also plays an important part in the window assembly, so cleaning it regularly is important, especially for the aesthetics of your residence. You can use special substances on the market to clean the glass. We recommend that you avoid alcohol-based products, as they attract more dust, which will make the cleaning process more difficult. Moreover, it is important to avoid using sharp objects to clean windows, regardless of the type of dirt.

PVC windows hardware, profile and gaskets are basic elements and are extremely important to their best operation. Proper maintenance and cleaning directly influences their durability and lifetime.

To get the most out of the benefits of PVC windows and doors, QFORT recommends that you repeat the maintenance process for these items at least twice a year!