7 reasons to choose PVC joinery with insulating glass

Thursday / 15 November, 2018

The civil engineering market in Romania, whether residential, office or commercial buildings, is in constant growth and development. The more it evolves, the more demanding our customers are, while civil engineers are increasingly concerned about modern technology, higher quality standards and innovative production systems.

PVC joinery with insulating glass ranges among modern building technologies. But what exactly does PVC joinery with insulating glass mean, and what would be its benefits?

QFORT puts forward seven of the most important reasons why you should choose PVC joinery with insulating glass for your place.

What is PVC joinery?

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a white, odourless substance in the thermoplastics category displaying an amorphous structure (without a specific form).

PVC is often found in two variants: ‘hard’ and ‘soft’. Hard PVC is the version used in the civil engineering field for the manufacture of profiles for doors and windows, cellular panels and other materials. When hard PVC is plasticised through various chemical processes, it becomes flexible and can be used for the production of medical equipment and various flooring products.

Consequently, PVC joinery comprises elements of a building, mainly windows and doors, which are made of PVC, with excellent heat- and noise-insulation properties, and high impact resistance.


About the insulating glass

Distantier warm edge Stars by QFORT

The term ‘insulating glass’ refers to a combination of two or more glass panes bonded together and separated by means of a rod, which may be metallic, made of aluminium, or hot (‘warm edge’ technology), made of thermoplastic materials.

The hot rod plays a particularly important role in achieving good energy performance at residence level, by reducing heat loss during winter and avoiding overheating during summer.

The insulating glass, together with PVC profiles for windows and doors, offers great advantages in terms of the overall comfort of your residence.


7 reasons to choose PVC joinery with insulating glass for your home:

  1. Save money through high energy efficiency

Due to the excellent heat-insulation properties of both PVC profiles for windows and doors and the insulating glass, PVC joinery with insulating glass helps to increase the energy efficiency of the residence.

Specifically, it helps to reduce energy consumption both during the cold season, due to the ability to reduce heat loss, as well as during the summer, due to the reflective and solar control properties of the insulating glass. The result is reduced power consumption and, implicitly, lower costs.

  1. You enjoy enhanced comfort through good sound insulation

The residence is where we start our day and relax after a busy day at the office. That’s why peace and privacy are elements that need to be considered when choosing our windows and doors.

PVC joinery with insulating glass ensures increased acoustic comfort, thanks to the PVC profiles, as well as to the insulating glass. Also, another important part of reducing noise from the outside is achieved by the gaskets PVC windows are fitted with. QFORT windows are equipped with silicone-rubber gaskets with excellent sealing properties, providing the best noise protection and enhanced comfort.

  1. You have the certainty of high resistance over time

Windows and doors are durable goods. Therefore, when we make a choice in this respect, we expect them to be time-proof, particularly because replacement can be quite expensive, both in terms of cost and time.

PVC joinery with insulating glass has a significantly greater durability than other types of joinery, with outstanding resistance to rain, wind, weather and high temperature variations.

  1. Keep your home secure with strong anti-burglary protection

PVC is recognised as having high impact resistance, and PVC joinery with insulating glass should be equipped with high-performance security systems so as to provide strong anti-burglary protection to the residential building.

In addition to PVC profiles and insulating glass, when choosing windows and doors you should also consider the hardware they are equipped with.

  1. Save time due to ‘child’s play’ maintenance

Forget about regularly cleaning your doors and windows, and thus save time! PVC has become popular over the years because it is easily maintained. Window cleaning is necessary only when the seasons change. The insulating glass can be easily cleaned with a detergent-based solution, and with the help of various accessories you can also reduce dust deposits inside the frame.

In this regard, QFORT windows are equipped with an additional rabbet gasket that protects against unwanted dust deposits, facilitating the cleaning process.

  1. PVC joinery is very easily adjusted and repaired

For best performance over time, PVC joinery hardware must be occasionally adjusted, a far from  difficult process. For your convenience and safety, we recommend that you contact the company that produced and installed your windows for the provision of regular adjustment services.

  1. PVC is environmentally friendly

PVC is in the category of recyclable materials. Statistically speaking, up to 40% of the world’s gas and oil reserves is used for heating and power generation for buildings, while 4% is used for plastic production, of which only 1% is PVC production. Also, during the manufacturing process, the level of pollution is much lower than for other materials.

Consequently, PVC joinery with insulating glass generates multiple benefits for your own comfort and security.

We at QFORT have embraced all these PVC joinery qualities, which we have optimised through modern production capacities and innovative solutions, thus becoming the number one brand in Romania with the best product durability, the best heat insulation and the highest customer satisfaction (according to 2018 Katar Millward Brown).

We invite you to view our product portfolio and choose what best suits your residence!