Hardware and accessory aluminium windows 7Stars Reversible

Stars by QFORT

Aluminium Windows Stars by QFORT include best quality hardware and accessories, rendering them an excellent durability in time, being designed to withstand for long periods of time.

These windows have a special hardware system that allows the frame to rotate 160°. Ideal and effective for tall buildings where cleaning glass on the outside can be a problem.

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Position 1- safety

  • Open the window until it stops in the opening limiter.
  • From this position the window can be closed without operating the limiter.
  • To be able to open the window more, you will need to operate the limiter.
  • This position offers an opening of about 80-100mm, depending on the window’s height.

Position 2 – ventilation

  • The 2nd position offers an opening of about 150mm-290mm, depending on the height of the window.
  • In this position the limiter will block the operation in both directions.
  • To open the window more or to close it, it is necessary to operate the limiter.

Position 3 – rotation for cleaning

  • To facilitate the cleaning of the window, from position 2 operate the limiter and keep turning the sash until it stops in position 3.
  • In this position the limiter will block the operation in both directions.
  • It is necessary to operate the limiter to close the window.

Release / lock of the opening limiter

To release the opening limiter, press and hold the mechanism button in the area that says “PRESS” while operating the sash. The limiter mechanism is positioned on the right side of the window.

To lock the opening limiter, insert the key and tun it 90° to the horizontal position. This way the window can no longer be opened. To open the limiter, turn the key back to the vertical position.

This window can be closed when the limiter is locked, but this is not recommended because it puts a lot of pressure on the components, especially on the small hinge modules.