Hardware and accessory aluminium windows 7Stars, 7Stars View

Stars by QFORT

Aluminium Windows Stars by QFORT include best quality hardware and accessories, rendering them an excellent durability in time, being designed to withstand for long periods of time.

The 7Stars and 7Stars View aluminum windows are provided as standard with concealed hinges.

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Locking points

2 types of locking points that allow an easy and precise adjustment of the window tightness.

Advantages of locking points:

  • Quick tightness adjustment.
  • The adjustment can be made very precisely, gradually, on each closing point separately, guaranteeing an optimal tightness on each side of the window throughout its life.

Type E – Allows adjustment of the pressure on the gasket. It is used as standard on windows and balcony doors.

Type E – Allows adjustment of the pressure on the gasket. It is used as standard on windows and balcony doors.

Locking points – Type E

Locking points – Type P

Safety tilt strikers and strikers

Stiker – is made entirely of the same material (Zamak).

Due to the fact that the standard striker also has a “safety edge” from construction, all locking points (type E, P) can be used with any type of striker.


Safety tilt striker


Mishandling device and lifting device

  • They have the role of preventing a mishandling of the handle when the window is open (which could cause its malfunction), as well as the malfunction to the vertical disorder of the sash that could occur over time due to its weight in the absence of this part.
  • They are installed as standard on windows with turn opening and tilt & turn opening with heights higher than 840mm.
  • If the handle height changes from the standard, it is possible that the part can no longer be equipped with the lifting mishandling device.
  • The adjustment is made by means of the component on the frame/floating mullion.


Mishandling device

Lifting device

Bullet catch for balcony doors

  • It will not be installed directly on the part, but it will be sent as an accessory.


  • It is a ventilation element available as standard (for all QFORT systems), which is installed on the tilt & turn windows and which allows the opening of only a few millimetres of the sash to ventilate the room, without being able to see from the outside that the window is ajar;
  • It is not installed on atypical shaped frames;
  • Element that can be installed later; it is installed on the upward side next to the corner striker.

Night-vent device


QFORT windows and balcony doors are equipped as standard with solid hinges, adjustable on 3 axes, protected by cover caps in the following colours: white, matt titanium, brown, gold.

  • The same type of hinges is used for both windows and balcony doors.

Hinges weighing 100kg


In order to provide added security for your home, we have chosen the best handles available on the market in terms of quality and durability.

Therefore, QFORT windows are equipped with Hoppe handles, incorporating the Secustik security system. This system allows the handle to be operated only from the inside so that the window cannot be opened from the outside using another handle.

  • 1. Brest Secustik – Matt titanium
  • 2. Brest Secustik – White
  • 3. Brest Secustik* – Bronze
  • 4. Brest Secustik* – Black
  • 5. Toulon SecuForte* – White
  • 6. Toulon SecuForte* – Matte Titanium
  • 7. Toulon SecuForte* – Bronze
  • 8. Dublin – Brushed stainless steel
  • 9. Dublin – RAL 7023
  • 10. Dakar – Gold
  • 11. Roto Swing – Matte Titanium

Balcony doors handles

Balcony doors are equipped with a HARDWARE OPERATING HANDLE only on the inside, and on the outside they have a PULL HANDLE.

Balcony doors can be optionally equipped with a double handle and a cylinder. For the execution of such a balcony door, the same hardware is used as in the case of classic balcony doors, changing only the tilt and turn mechanism and the handle according to the adjacent drawings: By actuating the cylinder, the hardware mechanism is locked and implicitly the handle.

  • 12. Brest Secustik double with lock bolt in matte titanium color
  • 13. Brest Secustik double with lock bolt, exterior flat handle in matte titanium color
  • 14. Toulon double with lock bolt in matte titanium color
  • 15. Pull handle in matte titanium color

Hardware with concealed hinges (standard)

The QFORT offer also includes hardware with concealed hinges, state-of-the-art hardware, which on the one hand gives the window a modern and elegant design due to the lack of visible hinges applied on the window, and on the other hand creates a free space on the inside room window, space that can be used for installing blinds with horizontal slats.

Features of the hardware with concealed hinges:

  • The maximum weight allowed on the sash is 100kg / optional 150kg;
  • The maximum sash opening is 95º.


Optional: Safe Child System

  • Available on constructions with closed frame and tilt & turn opening;
  • Colours: white, silver, brown.

Cylinder window opening locking part

Lower hidden hinge

Top hidden hinge