CASA NOASTRĂ S.A. Corporation hereby informs you of the following details regarding the fine received from the Competition Council.

CASA NOASTRĂ S.A. was fined by the Competition Council as a result of an investigation based on the analysis of the Porta Doors contracts in Romania. There was a clause in the Porta Doors contract through which the distributors (including Casa Noastră) were advised to sell at list prices imposed by Porta Doors.

CASA NOASTRĂ S.A. has acknowledged the existence of the clauses in the contract/contracts (including annexes and addendums) signed with the supplier Porta KMI Romania SRL, clauses specified in the ex officio triggered investigation Report based on the Order no. 717/14.09.2011 of the President of the Competition Council regarding the possible violation of the provisions of art. 5 par. (1) of the Competition Law and of art. 101 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) by Porta KMI Romania SRL and its distributors.

The commercial relationship was initiated by signing the sales and purchase agreement no. 279/EX/RO from 15.06.2005 and lasted until 2011. As from 28.11.2008, CASA NOASTRĂ S.A. has signed a sales agreement with the German supplier WESTAG & GETALIT AG for he same product category, i.e. interior doors. At the same time, CASA NOASTRĂ S.A. also manufactures and sells PVC entry and interior doors. Therefore, the sale of entry and interior doors was a secondary activity for CASA NOASTRĂ S.A., an additional service provided to customers who were purchasing PVC windows and, thus, potentially interested in buying doors too. The PORTA doors were sold in tandem with doors provided by the other supplier, WESTAG, and with doors manufactured by us.

Since 1995, when it was founded, Casa Noastră has wanted to be a model of legislative correctness, a model by means of which it has become one of the leading manufacturers of PVC joinery in Europe.

Casa Noastră means over 20 years of experience and more than 1,000 dealers across Europe.

We are a dynamic and professional team of more than 1,100 employees, with a steadily growing turnover and the largest production capacity of PVC windows and doors in south-eastern Europe.