The most powerful and dynamic local brand of windows

Friday / 4 December, 2015

Article published in the November / December 2015 Window magazine and on the site Fereastra.

Casa Noastră was founded two decades ago, and its name was chosen in an effort to become memorable and to reflect the activity of a real estate development company that is close to its customers. Its involvement in the thermal insulating joinery industry began in 2004, and in 2006 the QFort brand (a name invented by Brandiet) was trademarked Europe-wide for the company’s products, which was followed by its launch two years later.

The rebranding decision was taken after a number of studies showed that the human mind can remember a maximum of seven letters or digits when it comes to brands, so they must be short and easy to memorise… so QFort means quality, comfort (fort/forte/strong), as the slogan “QFort – windows and doors designed to last” or “QFort – designed to last”, which is considered the most attractive brand in the industry at European level.

The message was developed with the idea of accessing the international market in mind, so it had to sound good in any language. Ever since the company was founded, its development strategy rested on the idea that “we only manufacture and sell products we like, we provide quality services (…) we are the customer, the products are for us, the services are for us”. Not even during the recession did the quality suffer. On the contrary, the products were improved in order to ensure that, at a standard level, the best windows are marketed under the QFort brand. Its quality oriented policy panned out, nowadays 75% of the company’s production is destined for export.

According to the company’s management team, “services can be tested right away, but when it comes to quality products trust is gained over time, and this has already happened for us. What we do takes time, patience, considerable material resources, but most of all it takes a whole “team” that needs to adhere to those values and put the strategy into practice!“.