Oh, Canada!
QFORT is grateful to open its first showroom on your beautiful land!

Directly from our state-of-the-art headquarters in Europe, we bring you windows and doors, built to last a lifetime!

24 years

of expertise



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How do you really see your dream home?

  • A place where you and your family can spend quality time regardless the season?
  • A place where your family pet can safely play?
  • An energy efficient home, that can help you preserve the environment?
  • The place where you can silently watch your favorite TV series or read a good book?
  • A place that offers you the best comfort in the world?

If that is so, you should really visit our new QFORT showroom, in Kitchener, Ontario!

What will you find here?

Stars by QFORT

PVC and Aluminium Windows built to last in the harsh climate of the Carpathian mountains

Baby I’m Home by QFORT

High Quality Entrance doors for your comfort and safety

Panorama by QFORT

Minimalist Sliding Doors with great openings. Probably the only place where you can find them

Discreet by QFORT

Innovative Shading Systems

No-Buzz by QFORT

Insect Screens for shiny days

Why should you visit us?

Durability QFORT

Just like you, we care about people around us. Learn more about our corporate social responsability actions here.

We love the environment and we like to keep it safe. That is why all of our products are high certified in terms of quality and compliance.

Energy saving QFORT

We believe that energy efficiency it’s a rule, not an option.

Comfort and Quality of Living Standards

We think that comfort is the pilon that makes wellbeing possible.

Our windows and doors are built to last until the kids of today will become the grown-ups of tommorrow.

Protection and Security QFORT

Our clients are our family and we love to keep them safe.

Increase value QFORT

We are the number-one brand in our home country, with the best product durability, the best heat insulation and the highest customer satisfaction!

People from  Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Germany and Switzerland trust our products and services!

Where can you find us?

Contact us!

You can reach as via phone also: (519) 959-6607

Or you can write your message for us, bellow: