Sticla ornamentala pentru usi din pvc

Ornamental Glass for Classic Range
PVC Entrance Doors

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Glass is one of the most important elements of the entrance door. It confers privacy and safety, insulating the house from outside noise and improv the aesthetics of the house.

The Classic, Modern and Future PVC entrance doors come with ornamental or special glass for which you can choose according to your architectural style, your specific needs and preferences.

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Ornamental Glass available for Classic Range PVC Entrance Doors

The glass used for PVC Entrance Doors can be ornamental, with a role in maintaining a high level of intimacy within the rooms, or special in various forms and with multiple features.

Ornamental glass



Chinchila clear


Special glass

Interior sash bars. Colours: gold, silver, white. Not available for triple glazing.

Satin glass with glued facets

Glass with sandblasted elements and lead inserts

Frosted matt glass with lead inserts

Glass with sandblasted elements


Satin glass with sandblasted elements

Mirrored satin glass with sandblasted elements

Satin glass with sandblasted elements and glued facets

Satin glass with lead inserts and white facets

Cathedral glass with coloured elements and lead inserts

Satin glass with coloured/simple elements, lead inserts and glued facets

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