One of the major windows producers in Europe

QFORT represents comfort, quality, warmth (”q“) and resistance or durability (”fort“) and ”Designed to resist“ is a promise of value which we support with solid and concrete arguments:

– one of the most modern production capacities in Europe: three production plants for PVC windows and doors and for insulating glass (IG) units , with a total area of 13.000 sqm
– logistic and transport capacity: 10.000 sqm of logistic spaces and a vehicle fleet of over 250 cars and trucks
– windows quality certification by Institut für Fenstertechnik (Ift) Rosenheim, Germany
– QFORT windows quality is appreciated by customers from Austria, Bulgaria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Romania and Switzerland.

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In order to manufacture high-quality PVC windows and doors, the company has invested over the last years around 25 millions Euro for developing modern production, logistics and distribution capacities.
These investments represent a warranty that all our customers will benefit from performant windows and doors which will provide them with long-term comfort and security.