Jambs can change the entire atmosphere of a space. Whether they are installed indoors or outdoors, they transform the space around the window into something useful. Moreover, jambs protect the window sill and increase its lifespan.

If you want more comfort and intimacy in your life, you can choose automatic or manual window roller shutters. Roller shutters are made of aluminium slats wrapped around a drum inside a PVC box that is installed at the top of the window. Their role is to provide shadow and reduce the greenhouse effect that can occur especially frequently at south or west facing windows.

Jambs can change the entire atmosphere of a space. Whether t

Roller Shutters

The roller shutters are available in two constructive versions:

Built-in roller shutters – built into the lintel above the window
Built-on roller shutters – fixed to the exterior of the building facade

The slats can have different colours:
– white, silver, brown, golden oak, medium oak and walnut.

Our QFort consultants can provide further details about the technical and constructive features of the roller shutters, and you can find windows with installed roller shutters at any QFort showroom.

Roller Shutters
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