The 5STARS profile is the most flexible alternative in terms of customization options, according to the customer’s preferences and needs.

This type of profile is certified even for dwellings located in areas with severe climates due to its high tightness that prevents air, water and dust from infiltrating while the window is closed.

  • PVC profile with 5 chambers
  • width of profiles: 70 mm (mounting depth)
  • thickness of the outer wall of PVC profiles ≥ 2.8 mm
  • modern design (rounded)
  • galvanized steel reinforcement: 1.5 mm – 3 mm
  • easy to clean
  • two types of gaskets



The 5STARS profile is the most flexible alternative in terms



The joinery, a very important element of QFort windows and doors, is produced by the German company Winkhaus AG, with the longest experience in window and door joinery.

It is extremely resistant to corrosion, the window seal can be manually adjusted quickly and accurately and it has an enhanced anti-burglary security system due to its standard steel bolts and safety pads.


QFort windows are equipped with Hoppe Secustik handles. The Secustik safety system allows the handle to be operated only from the inside so that the window cannot be opened from the outside by using another handle.

The handles are available in matt titanium in the standard offer or in white, bronze or gold in the optional one.


For optimum sealing against wind, dust and bad weather, the QFort windows are equipped with silicone rubber gaskets in the following colours: light grey for white profiles, black and caramel for coloured profiles.


Another element that ensures an optimal window tightness is the hinge. QFort windows are equipped as standard with strong hinges that are protected by matt titanium masking caps. You can also choose caps in white, bronze or golden. Optional: hidden hinges are a detail that is not visible, but which gives the home an extra bit of design and elegance. They keep the safety and comfort elements of standard joinery and provide a great aesthetic advantage due to the lack of visible hinge elements.

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