The windows were planned to offer you the possibility to communicate with the exterior and at the same time keeping the privacy. That is why, you may choose among different types of glass, depending on your priorities.

QFORT widows come equipped in standard with LowE (low emissivity) insulating glass units. The space between two glass panes is filled with a heavy gas (Argon) using an automated technology which tightly insulates and warranties an argon concentration of minimum 90%. The glass panes are separated by a spacer filled with molecular sieve(silica gel), which has the property to absorb the residual humidity.

In order to increase the thermal insulation performances of the insulating glass unit, for each IG unit we are using a single spacer, which is bent in the corners of the IG unit. The thickness of the glass panes is usually between 4 and 8 6 mm. An increased thickness of the glass panes used offers a better sound insulation.

QFORT windows may be equipped with several types of glass, which have various properties and, besides the benefits granted by LowE glass, offer multiple benefits. The technology that we are using allows us to produce insulating glass units which offers both protection against burglary and solar control, the latest invention in the field of glass.