In addition to the classic locking system (with a key), the Securo 2 entrance doors can be equipped with electronic access systems:
• fingerprint scanning system
• keypad code lock

These modern systems have the following advantages:
• keyless access (you can open the door even if you lose your key or if you forget it inside your home)
• up to 99 fingerprints / access codes can be stored.

Optionally, the Securo 1+ and Securo 2+ entrance doors can be equipped with an electronic cylinder that has the following features:
• Access from the outside is done exclusively with access means (key chain transponder), while from the inside the operation is done by means of a mechanic button
• Integrated red/green optical indicator (closed/open)
• Integrated acoustic indicator
• Integrated battery that is easy to replace and has a high autonomy

The cylinder is fitted with 5 key chain transponders and a programming card.

Electronic Access System