The nets provide maximum protection against insects due to the density of the net, thus giving you the opportunity to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

The products are highly reliable and very easy to maintain.

In addition, due to their optimum density, the Insect Screens offer a good visibility to the outside and allow fresh air to come into your home.

Insect Screens can be made using four constructive solutions:

  • Roll-Out Insect Screens
  • Pleated Insect Screens
  • Roller Insect Screens
  • Fixed Insect Screens
The nets provide maximum protection against insects due to t

Pleated Insect Screens

Depending on how they open, they can be:

– Vertical
– Lateral
– Bilateral
– Double sided

Depending on the doorstep type, they can be:

– With a 4mm doorstep
– With a 8mm doorstep

Depending on the type of mounting, they can be:

– Wall-mounted
– Window-mounted


High durability:
– Equipped as standard with the IdroScreen screen that rejects rain water, thus eliminating the risk of breaking;
– Prolonged exposure to sun, wind, rain without any risk of damage.

Easy to maintain:
– It can be washed and cleaned on a regular basis (every 3 months) without affecting its quality. This treatment will remove the dust and will increase its service life.

Very easy to use;

Modern and minimalist design;

Large size.

Pleated Insect Screens
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