Aluminium hardware and accessories

Hardware and Accessories for Elite Range Aluminium Entrance Doors

Baby I'm Home by QFORT

The hardware of Elite aluminium doors in the Baby I’m Home! by QFORT range is tested and certified by the ift Rosenheim Institute in Germany as part of Resistance Class RC2 (WK2).

This translates to a high level of durability of the Elite doors and excellent, proven anti-burglary resistance for all construction options available.

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Hardware specific to Elite aluminium doors

Along with the systems of profiles embedded in the Elite aluminium doors, which are designed and developed by Schüco, the same company also produces hardware such as hinges, closing systems and handles.

Closing systems

The aluminium entrance doors in the Elite range are equipped with different closing systems that can be tailored to specific needs and requirements.

All Elite door closing systems are equipped with anti-shock protection function, as standard.

It is also possible to opt for versions with emergency and anti-hazard functions.



The Aluminium doors in the Elite range are equipped with handles made of either anodised natural aluminium, or polished or brushed stainless steel.



The knobs are made of either polished or matt stainless steel.

In addition, the Elite aluminium doors are also equipped with a matt, stainless-steel security knob and with polished stainless-steel door protection.


Standard fitting for Elite aluminium entrance doors

Standard fitting for Elite aluminium entrance doors

In the standard version, an Elite aluminium entrance door will have the following features in terms of hardware, among others:

1 Schüco AFL, ASL, ARL profile system

2 Colour: White RAL 9003 polished and RAL 9016 polished or matt

3 Standard glass – quadruple glazing – exterior and interior

4 5 6 Three adjustable grey cylindrical hinges, made of stainless steel

7 8 9 10 Stainless-steel, three-point closing system combined with a long locking bar, also made of stainless steel

11 Natural aluminium handle

12 Security knob Ø 30 mm, made of matt stainless steel

13 Six-key cylinder with emergency and hazard functions, providing best protection against impact

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    *The warranty period may vary depending on the components and specifications of the product. Please refer to the warranty certificate for more details.