Types of glass

LowE coated glass reduces the heat losses through the windows during the cold season, improving the thermal insulation of the window.

Reflective glass is mainly used in order to reduce the amount of heat which enters the room through the windows as solar radiation during the summer, at the same time ensuring a good level of light transmission and an increased visual privacy during daytime.

Solar control glass combines the benefits of LowE glass with the ones of reflective glass: during summertime it offers a high solar protection reducing the greenhouse effect inside the residence, meanwhile during wintertime it retains the thermal insulation qualities of the LowE glass. In addition, this glass has better light transmission properties in comparison with all the types of reflective glass.

Laminated safety glass (duplex) is made of two or more layers of glass bonded together with transparent PVB films. The benefits of these types of glass are: increased protection against thrown projectiles, smashing and burglary, reduced risk of accidents thanks to its non-splitering nature, much better sound insulation compared to all other types of glass.

Body-tinted glass has both a solar protection function and a privacy function. It absorbs the sun energy, part of it being radiated inside and part outside of the residence.

Patterned glass has as a main role keeping privacy. It has a good lightning transmission factor and it allows a better illumination of the room than in case of using the body-coloured or reflective glass.