ScreenLine® is a patented magnetic system with manual operation and a raising and tilting function for blinds incorporated within a glass unit.

The motion of the slat carpet, either manual or motorised, does not compromise the insulating properties of the glass unit and is carried out in a totally isolated environment, providing total protection against dust, water and environmental conditions, thus requiring no maintenance. The warm spacer (warm edge), made of stainless steel co-extruded with polypropylene, is able to further improve the system’s energy saving capabilities whilst ensuring a perfect hermetic seal.

  • It does not require cleaning
  • No wind noise, unlike conventional shading systems
  • Reduces the possibility of condensation on the glass
  • Improves the profile’s thermal insulation due to reduced thermal conductivity
Venetian Blinds between Glass Sheets

ScreenLine® SL 27MB BLACK-OUT

The ScreenLine® SL27MB Black-out pleated system is particularly suited to environments that require complete obscurity.

These double-spaced spacer bars , flattened to reduce light reflection, favor shading in 98%.

It guarantees the insulating features of the double or triple glazing unit over time and provides protection against dirt and weather conditions.

The blind is operated via a device consisting of a brushless motor and a miniaturised control unit which enables (via a control module) the simultaneous and synchronized operation of multiple blinds and the accurate tilting of the slats.

The motor and the entire electronic blind management system are positioned within the head rail, on a specially designed slide that will reduce vibrations, thus making the system very silent.

There are no control devices mounted on the glass or frame, since the motor is activated by a wall-mounted switch or a remote (optional).

The simplicity of the aesthetic appearance and the high technical performances of the system make it particularly suited to prestigious projects.

The systems is equipped with an aluminium spacer.

ScreenLine® SL 27MB BLACK-OUT
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